Who we are...

Java Cup Co.’s slogan “One Cup at at Time” says it all…they truly believe that the days of brewing a pot of coffee at home and in many work places is a thing of the past. Today it is all about convenience, personal satisfaction and instant gratification and they believe single-serve brewing is the answer!


“If you are like us, you also cherish your single-serve brewer and the ability to enjoy your favourite “java” the way you like it, freshly brewed one cup at a time”…states founder Patrice Shennette. Her love and appreciation of the single-serve retail concept convinced Patrice to bring this unique business to her hometown of Barrie.


We are all different, especially when it comes to our taste buds, brewing your hot beverage One Cup at a Time just makes sense”, states Shennette. Having the ability to pick and choose from a huge selection of teas, coffees, hot chocolates, ciders and more is why Java Cup Co. is a favourite stop for all. Customers are encouraged to make up their own variety packs and take advantage of the “Try before you Buy” policy!


Patrice and her staff are dedicated to surpassing their customers expectations and making their shopping experience a memorable one, every time! French Vanilla, ButterToffee, German Chocolate Cake, Butterschotch, Inca Trail and Jamaica Me Crazy are examples of the over 400 K-Cups available in singes and/or boxes